Wedding: Directions for the Photographer


For the wedding of:_____________________________________



Place: Peace Lutheran Church

           P.O. Box 286

           100 4th Ave SW

           New London, MN 56273


Policies of Peace Lutheran:
-     Please let your Wedding Coordinator know when you need to be in the church.
-     Out of respect for our staff and the church, we ask that you abide by these rules:
-    No flash pictures are to be taken anytime during the ceremony.
-    The photographer may take flash pictures of the attendants and bride as they begin to proceed down the aisle.
-    Flash pictures can be taken of the recessional after the service as long as the photographer remains in the back of the church and does not obstruct the recessional.
-    When the service is over the photographer may take as many flash pictures in the church as he/she likes after the guests have left the church.
-     If anything is moved on the Altar for the purpose of taking pictures, the photographer is asked to make sure that everything is put back in its proper place after the picture taking is completed.
-    Video taping of the service is permitted and may be done from the entryway or side aisle.
-    If there are any further questions in regard to the wedding, you may call the church office or check with the Wedding Coordinator.